Film Review of “All The Bright Places” on Netflix during this global pandemic

On the surface to the unassuming viewer, one would imagine the film “All The Bright Places” to be about ….well… all the bright places a couple goes in their relationship. Without knowing this is a book to movie adaptation, I drifted easily through the movie enjoying every small detail of Finch and Violet. I was even envious of them — that this odd pair had found love in one of the most unlikeliest of places until the end. Oh how I cried at the end.

“All the Bright Places” Movie poster credit to IMDb

Semi-Spoiler Alert:

One of our main characters leaves us. The complete manner of so is completely up to viewer interpretation according to the filmmaker and writers in a Vanity Fair article. However besides just saying what happened I want to talk about how it made me feel.

It made me feel lost and grateful and sad and angry all the same time.

Why didn’t anyone see the signs? Why did their love have to abruptly end? Did I not mention I’m a hopeless romantic- so this was one of the saddest parts of all. Overall it made me prayerful for all the people in my life that may be hurting who I do not know. Sorry to all the people I know who are struggling and maybe I have not reached out to help as much as I could. If 2020 has taught me anything it is to reach out while you still can. Tell that person you love them, do something nice for a stranger, and help your neighbor out because you never know when your favor or circumstances will change.

In this midst of this pandemic let’s all remember we are fragile human beings who all just want to feel loved and safe.



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