A Side of Rapper’s Delight

Brava to the production with laughs and a great message! After learning that Rapper’s Delight by The Sugarhill Gang was a launch point for the hip hop genre to go mainstream, I understood the hidden references in this play of the same name.

From L to R: Kai Woodley, Dominque McLaughlin, Fran Harris, Thais Bass-Moore, Sydney Russell, Quincy Bradley, L.J Finley, and Erica Routt.

The irony surrounds the main rapper’s daughter named Delight. She prays that her dad can’t cuss for an entire day, and asks why women are called degrading names in the genre. The underlying messages are highly reflective and show a new outlook on the purpose of hip hop in our society.

The producer of the play is Fran Harris, former WNBA & NCAA champion and UT Austin adjunct Advertising professor. Their final production of Rapper’s Delight will occur on August 28 at Huston-Tillotson University. For more information, visit rappersdelight.us or Eventbrite for tickets.



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